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Control Your Car

Send commands to your car with the Connected Vehicle API Beta release.

From concept to reality. Take our capabilities into your product, build a product into our ecosystem, or bring our 3D models into your project.

3D Simulator

Experience and test your concepts in a virtual 3D test environment, where you can interact with a highly detailed car model.

Open Datasets

Together with our partners, we are sharing curated data to the research and development community.

Android Automotive

Develop in-car functionalty with an automotive platform that gets 700,000 new users a year.

Design Guidelines

Our UX Design Guidelines make it easier than ever to begin crafting beautiful digital experiences across Volvo Cars.


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Together with Varjo, we are now using cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technology in our development work – a world-first for the car industry.

Today’s mobility offers many possibilities – and challenges.

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01. Download a new car

Soon, a Volvo car’s entire technical architecture can be updated over the air. That means the car you drive will get improved performance and new features over time, without having to visit a workshop. This is nothing new for anyone who uses a smartphone, but for cars it’s a completely new thing. How can we make Volvo users understand that they can expect to regularly find new features in their car?

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02. Freedom to move

As part of Volvo Car’s mission statement, we aim to become more personal with our customers. Trim, colour, wheels and engine will still be important, but to a lesser degree. What will be more important is how the car enables its user to do more. It can be anything from saving time in the daily rush, to allowing access to only the things you need, when you need them. What are the products and services that will make Volvo’s cars more personal to customers?

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03. Volvo = Safe. Now what?

Volvo cars are synonymous with safety, and have been for a long time. We build some of the safest cars in the world, but why stop there? How can we leverage Volvo’s commitment to safety to benefit, for example, cyclists? Or people who are at home, at work or on vacation?

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We are looking for talent. Join us in creating a new future for the automotive industry.

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