From concept to reality. Take our developer capabilities into your product, build a product into our ecosystem, or bring our 3D models into your next project.

Getting started

We offer a range of tools to help you get started developing with us.


Connect your own app directly to your car, to begin exploring its full range of capabilities.

In-car apps

Develop in-car functionality with an automotive platform that gets 700,000 new users per year.

3D assets and simulator

Experience your concepts in a 3D environment and interact with a highly-detailed car model.


Together with our partners, we are sharing data openly with researchers and developers.

Open Source

Join our open source community. Learn how we use, contribute to and build open source software.


Begin crafting beautiful, digital experiences across Volvo Cars with our UX Design Guidelines.


Unique collaborations give rise to new innovations. That’s why we are partnering up with other companies and industry leaders.


Here at Volvo Cars, we’ve set our targets big. Being all electric by 2030 and climate neutral by 2040 are just two. We’re also bringing software development in-house and moving car sales online.

Find your dream job

If you’re excited by the technological and sustainability challenges facing the auto industry and society at large, then you’re a perfect fit.