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A gray Volvo car from a top view perspective on a dark surface.

Volvo XC40 - now available in Unity

Access Production Grade Volvo Cars 3D Models and Assets in Unity store.

Ready to use 3D model

Production 3D model of the new Volvo car models and assets in Unity.


Explore light settings, car paint materials and shaders, test different rendering techniques, or create your own car configurator in different environment settings.


Integrate car features, develop functions, or different services and build it on your favorite device.


Build scenarios in VR, simulator rig or desktop. Test sensor data and build algorithms for self driving cars.

Unity’s real time 3D platform has become the glue in Volvo Cars toolchain, connecting different systems through all product stages: from the first blueprint to off the lot. In a short span of time, Volvo Cars has achieved one of the most advanced, wide-reaching deployment of Unity in the automotive world.

Ready to use 3D model - Unity AutoShowroom Template

3D model

Fully prepped XC40 Recharge 3D model, with basic functionality: doors, exterior/interior lights.

Interior and Exterior

The highly detailed interior and exterior of the car model makes it suitable for use in visualization applications, VR, cinematic experiences and car configurators.


Accurate materials with physically correct lightning ensures an authentic vehicle visualization.

An industrial office with a car model on a small stage
Coming soon: Fully functional 3D model and simulator

Later this year, a fully functional 3D model of a Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 AWD will be released together with several customisable 3D environments. The model will have vehicle dynamics behaviour for driving, prepared for simulator, VR rigs and AD sensor training environments. digital replication of the car’s physical sensors will allow for testing of sensor data.

3D car and functionsTest the driving, adjust the light settings, and model the car’s sensors, or continue to build on the model to develop more functions and services.
EnvironmentChoose between different environments (city, highway, parking lot), and tweak the light and weather settings.
ScenariosSet up a scenario to test the simulator using one of the 3D environments included in the package, or replace it with your own scenario.
Backlights of car
A 3D model of a car standing in an empty room with both side doors open

Download the XC40 3D Unity template

Take beauty shots, create your own car configurator or just explore the fully electric XC40 Recharge P8 AWD using this 3D model, featuring physically accurate lighting in a realistic environment.

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