3D assets and simulator


Jump into your creations with the help of our virtual models, scenes, and simulator.

Volvo Cars virtual assets

By partnering with Unity we aim to enable collaboration and innovation within the mobility sector. Making use of Unity’s virtual platform, we are able to create and explore new concepts much faster and without conventional risks.

XC40 virtual model

Explore the possibilities of our 3D model of a fully-electric Volvo XC40.


Explore light settings, car paint materials and shaders or create your own car configurator in different environment settings.


Integrate car features, develop functions, or different services and build it on your favourite device.


Build scenarios in VR, simulator rig or desktop. Test sensor data and build algorithms for self driving cars.

Side view of a Volvo XC40 in a empty room.

Virtual auto showroom

Check out the auto showroom template and Volvo XC40 Recharge. Read blog post.

3D model

Fully-prepped XC40 Recharge 3D model, with basic functionality: doors, exterior and interior lights.

Interior and exterior

Suitable for use in visualisation applications, VR, cinematic experiences, and car configurators.


Accurate materials and physically correct lighting result in a highly realistic and authentic car visualisation.

An industrial office with a car model on a small stage.


Backlights of a Volvo XC40 car in 3D.From a driver seat perspective. A person driving at night on a road with simulated 3D rendered dots and road signs.

Volvo Cars has achieved one of the most advanced, wide-reaching Unity deployments in the automotive world.

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Where do I find the template?

The Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 AWD and Unity AutoShowroom template, can be found in the new Unity Hub, more details here.

What is included?

The initial release includes Unity Autoshowroom HDRP template together with the Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 AWD 3D model in FBX format, with HDRP materials.

What are the terms for the use of the 3D model?

You can read them here.

You further agree not to use the Licensed Content for commercial use, or to use it to develop a competing product or service.

What is the roadmap for the 3D models and the simulator?

Early next year, more features such as vehicle dynamics, lights, new environments will be added.