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To allow access to Volvo Cars’ data and features our APIs implement the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. End-users delegate the access of their data to your application through their Volvo ID account.

In order to obtain client credentials for the Volvo ID identity system you need to publish your application. This is done on your account page. After the publishing process is done we will send you the credentials needed to implement the Authorization code flow.

To try out the APIs without the need for publishing your application we supply generated test access tokens. Visit your account page to generate or view tokens.

NOTE: We are working on simplifying the publishing process.

Authorization code flow

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As of now we only support the Authorization Code Flow. The following steps describe the process of getting an access token from the end-user.

1. Redirect to login

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Redirect the end-user’s browser to the Volvo ID login page.

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On the Volvo ID login page the end-user will authenticate and be asked to consent the requested scopes.

3. Redirect back to the application

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If successfully authenticated the end-user will be redirected back to your application’s callback URL with an authorization code.

4. Exchange for an access token

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Exchange the authorization code received in the callback with an access token from the Volvo ID authorization endpoint.

5. Call the API

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Use the access token to call the API on behalf of the end-user.