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Connected Vehicle API

Access data and send commands to the car. This API is an early access Beta.

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Extended Vehicle

The Extended Vehicle API allows you to get latest information of any connected Volvo vehicles remotely.

Connected Vehicle

As well as recieving rich data from the car, you can also send commands such as lock/unlock and sound the horn.

Featured projects

Featured projects

One of the fun things about opening up our APIs is seeing the different uses to which they can be put. The Extended Vehicle API can be used to power a global insurance solution, or in the case of one of our developers, it can power a smart mirror connected to their own personal vehicle. We look forward to seeing what innovations you can come up with.

How it works

Follow these six steps and you will receive a token that gives you access to build and test your application with real data.

1. Sign in

Sign in or create an account.

2. Start creating

Create your application and give your project a name.

3. Receive keys

A vcc-api-key is required to be included in all API requests.

4. Get your token

Receive a token that gives you access to test data.

5. Start building

Use your credentials to build and test your application with real data.

6. Publish

Connect to users cars and publish your application.


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