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Together with our partners, we aim to share data with the research and software developer communities. We are eager to hear what you find.

New release: Cirrus. A curated dataset with unique long range LiDAR point clouds and scanning patterns, shared to aid advancements in machine perception and safe self-driving technology.

E.V.A. Initiative

Over 60 years of Accident Research

Thanks to Volvo Traffic Accident Research Team, we have studied more than 43,000 cars in real-life accidents with 72,000 occupants since the 1950s.

This has led to many of the innovative systems we have in our cars today, such as WHIPS, SIPS, and numerous child safety products.

We have now gathered more than 100 research papers, available for anyone to download. We hope this will lead to safer cars for everyone – regardless of gender and size.

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