APIs/Connected Vehicle API
APIs/Connected Vehicle API



The Connected Vehicle API allows your application to both receive data from the vehicle and send commands to the vehicle. It includes vehicle status, diagnostics, statistics and metadata for a complete end-user experiences. The commands include functions such as flash the lights, sound the horn, start & stop the engine and lock & unlock the vehicle. You are also able to retrieve a complete list of any commands that you have sent.

Note: This API works for all connected vehicles up to model year 2021, excluding the XC40 Recharge BEV.

You can download the OpenAPI specification as a JSON file.

You will find information about the endpoints exposed by the API in the Endpoints section in the menu. Information such as required scopes, headers and request/response examples.

What do you have access to?

Flash lights
Sound horn
Start / stop engine
Vehicle details
Brake status
Engine status
Fuel amount
Window status
Tyre pressures
Vehicle statistics
Environment values
Climate start / stop


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